Trip to Croatia & Northeast Italy

A few weeks ago I took a short trip to Croatia with the Robinettes. We started in the city of Umag, a very old fishing village on the western side of the Istrian Peninsula, where we stayed in a cute little house only a short drive from the Adriatic Sea. From there we went to Poreč, another old town with a very Italian feel to it. In fact, Poreč was under Italian rule for the majority of its history, and the influence of the Roman and Venetian Empires on its architecture and food is obvious. Everything about the city reminded me of Rome, down to the remains of the Euphrasian Basilica, a UNESCO World Heritage site which dates back to the 6th century.

On our way back to Vienna, we decided to take a short detour through Trieste, Italy where we stopped for a few hours to have lunch. We ate pasta and drank Americanos at a cute cafe and walked around the city a bit before heading back home. I wonder if saying things like ‘stopped in Italy on the way home’ will ever seen normal.:)

Thankful for a short but relaxing trip, and for wonderful people to spend it with.

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Munich, Germany

I went to Munich last week for a conference and got to explore the city a bit one evening. We took the train from Unterschleissheim to the main square in Marienplatz and walked around the city center. It was so lovely! We listened to a band playing Mozart symphonies in front of the Rathaus, ate freshly made butter pretzels (so good), and found an amazing indoor market. The city seemed to have just the right blend of ancient and modern, which I really liked. Guten Abend, Munich!


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Back in Vienna!

I’m back! When I left Austria a few months ago, I couldn’t want until the day I returned. I truly left my heart with this city and its people, and didn’t feel like it was time yet for this season of my life to end. I prayed that God would direct my steps back to Vienna if it was His will, and as you can see, here I am.

The first few weeks here have been so wonderful, as expected — full of reconnecting with my Austrian friends and Americans living here, and revisiting all of the places I love in this city. Luckily it hasn’t grown too cold yet. In fact, the weather has been incredible, and the parks are full of summer flowers and autumn trees. My parents came to visit me this week, and I was able to share this wonderful city with them (see photos below). I’ve been busy with the church here, preparing for a conference we had in Munich last week, preparing for the upcoming year, and teaching a class on Sundays. A few of the people at the church here asked me to bring my passport to them so they could tear it up and prevent me from leaving again. And I’ll be honest: most days, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.:)

Below are some photos I’ve taken over the past few weeks.

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